What Are Customers & Audience Members Saying?

"We were so happy with your performance! It was amazing. We'll be in touch for future events." - Susan, booked Sahara Nights Show for a birthday party

"Thank you so much for a great evening last night! We had a great time! You were fantastic!" - Kerri, booked Sequins and Shimmies for a bachlorette party

"Alessandra is one of the most creative and innovative dancers in the belly dance community! She fuses classical ethnic dance with modern pop flavor to create a delightful synthesis for audiences of all ages! In 2010 I was commissioned to cast a show of all my favorite dancers and Alessandra was at the top of the list!!" - Raqs Steady Eddie, Professional Dancer and Producer

"Alessandra ia an AMAZING bellydancer - I'm in awe of her imagination and choreography skills. She is very knowledgeable and skilled with a warm personality to match." - Dee, Professional Dancer and Studio Owner

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* Prices are subject to change due to travel time and/or date of event. 50% deposit is required at time of booking. 100% payment is required for gift certificates, which have a one-year expiration date and must be booked for a mutually agreed upon date and time. 


What can I expect from the performance?
A typical performance consists of five sections: an exciting entrance piece with finger cymbals, a slower section evoking the mystery of the dance with a silk veil or fan veils, a fun and upbeat middle section that can include audience participation, a second sensuous section that can include dramatic sword balancing and/or floorwork, and final fifth section featuring a playful and thrilling drum solo for the finale. 

Is the show family appropriate?
Yes, the show is approrpriate for all ages. Shows can be booked for teen and children's parties.

What type of music is used and who supplies it?
Belly dance is traditionally danced to Arabic music. However, music selection can be customized to your tastes - anything from Shakira to Michael Jackson to Pearl Jam, or any other genre in between. The belly dancer will provide the music in either a CD or MP3 format. It is expected that the host will provide the sound system.

Is tipping appropriate?
Yes, guests may tip the dancer unless the host has requested otherwise. Generally audience members tip the dancer as she dances up to the table during the final section of the performance. Bills can be folded lenghtwise and tucked into the side or back of the hip belt or the back of the bra strap or arm band.

Do you want to have exciting and unforgettable entertainment at your next event? Hire Alessandra! Alessandra is available to hire for private partes, grand openings, bridal showers, festivals, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, corporate events, and many more. Any of the shows can be booked directly or purchased as a gift certificate.
Performances can also be tailored to fit your specific needs.*
Eternal Sahara Nights Show - Starting at $325
This is the double classic belly dance show, comprising two full 20 minute sets, with a costume change in between. Alessandra will perform one full set, and then after a costume change, will come back to perform a completely new routine with new music and new props.

Sparkling Silks Show - Starting at $200
Looking for fun and unique entertainment for your event, but only have a short amount of time? Then pick this mini belly dance show for a shot of spice. Alessandra performs for up to 7 minutes, including the use of props. 

Cleopatra's Coins - Starting at $250
Perfect for teen, pre-teen, or children's parties, Alessandra will give a 5 minute performance in costume, followed by a 20 minute lesson, focusing on playful, energetic movements. Alessandra will also bring various props, such as coin belts and/or veils, for use by the attendees during the lesson.

Restaurants and Nightclubs 
A discounted rate is available for venues that have dancing on a regular basis. Please inquire for details.

Sahara Nights Show - Starting at $225
A glittering classic belly dance show like the kind you would see in a restaurant. Show is 20 minutes in length and can include use of various props (finger cymbals, isis wings, veil, sword, and/or cane). 

Sequins & Shimmies Party - Starting at $300
Having a girls party? Make it a night to remember with a belly dance party. Alessandra performs a mini show for up to 15 minutes, followed by a 30 minute group lesson for you and your guests. Learn moves that you can take straight to the dance floor! Extra hip scarfs can be provided for use during the party or for purchase. Perfect for bridal showers, bachlorette parties, baby showers, and more. 

To Hire:
 Email or Call Alessandra at:
(425) 390-4602