Belly Dance Basics
This is belly dancing 101. You'll learn the foundations of belly dance including hip isolations, chest isolations, undulations, arm movements, basic turns, and shimmies. Movements will be broken down and explained so that you can master the technique, and then will be combined into easy, yet fun combinations.  Musicality and history of the dance will also be included.

Next Session: No classes currently scheduled. Please check back later for updates!
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Private & Semi-Private Instruction
Alessandra is available for private and semi-private instruction. Classes are tailored to the needs of the individual student. Pricing depends on desired location and length of session. Discounts are given for purchasing multiple lessons.

1 hour at Alessandra's home studio: $75
1 hour at your home within the greater Seattle area: $135

Add a Friend:
Learn with a friend. Add $10 to any of the above options for the two of you to study together. 

Note: If you prefer to learn in a larger dance studio, a location can be rented for an additional fee.

Special Offers:
Purchase a package of 5 lessons and receive 10% off.

To Purchase: Email Alessandra at or call (425) 390-4602.

Why Belly Dance?

Because it's fun and flirty, sassy and playful. It will challenge you and boost your confidence. You'll learn a new skill while getting in a great workout. Sign up today!
Belly Dance Blast
This class is designed for those who want to get in shape while having fun. Class focuses on fitness, with less emphasis on technique. Typical class structure is a warm-up, followed by stretching, a short technique or drill based section, and then the major portion of the class, which is focused on movement, burning calories and bringing that inner dance goddess to life.  Class ends with a belly-dance targeted strength section (as time permits) and always ends with a cool-down. 

No classes are currently offerred of Belly Dance Blast. Check back for updates!
What are Students Saying?

"Alessandra's dance classes include a great mix of drills, introduction of new skills, and fun choreography to combine it all together." - Marcy, LA Fitness Student

"Excellent breakdown of the steps!" - Eva, Sweaty Betties Meetup Participant

"Very positive and accepting environment; enjoyed the different ways of explaining things/moves." - Stephanie, Sweaty Betties Meetup Participant

"Such a good instructor. Awesome class for my first belly dancing experience." - Joanna, Belly Dance Intro Workshop

"I loved the hip undulations and shimmies! I have a hard time isolating parts of my body, but Alessandra did a great job helping me visualize how to improve!" - Katie, Belly Dance Intro Workshop

"Great introductory course. Loved the mix of lower and upper body work and the dance that comprised the moves at the end." - Stephanie, Belly Dance Intro Workshop

Intermediate Belly Dance
This class is designed for students ready to continue their belly dance journey beyond basics.  This series will introduce zills (finger cymbals), including basic technique and patterns.  Basic veil technique will be taught as well.  Intermediate belly dance movements and more advance layering techniques will be introduced and drilled.  Classes will also include short lecture portions delving into more detail on the history of belly dance, styles of belly dance, and Middle Eastern instruments and music. 

Prerequisite: At least one beginning belly dance class with Alessandra or another instructor.  Students don't need to be able to execute movements "perfectly", but student should understand the mechanics behind all basic belly dance movements and not require a detailed explanation of how to perform the movement.  Previous finger cymbal experience is not required. 

Next Session: No sessions are currently scheduled. Check back later for updates!

Required Materials: Students must have a pair of finger cymbals (recommended brand is Saroyan) and a veil (silk is recommended).  Please contact Alessandra if you have questions on where or how to purchase these items. 

Beyond Basics
This class is designed for students who want to hone and perfect the technique from Belly Dance Basics. The first half of class will be spent reviewing and drilling the movements learned in beginning belly dance to help cement proper technique.  The second half of class will be spent dancing.  Students will follow along with Alessandra as she flows through belly dance movements.  This portion of class will also include an increased emphasis on musicality, basic Middle Eastern rhythms, and performance technique. Prerequisite: At least one beginning belly dance class with Alessandra or another instructor. 

Next Session: No sessions are currently scheduled. Check back later for updates!