Why should I want this you ask? This product isn't like anything else currently available. In fact, that's why I created it: I went out hoping to purchase it and it didn't exist. The guidebook and practice planner will help you get really clear about what your belly dance goals are and what you need to do to achieve them. Topics covered in the guidebook include:

 •Why practice is so essential to your success
 •Finding time in your fabulously busy schedule
 •Goal-setting that gets results
 •Defining and categorizing your action steps
 •Innovative new ways to practice
 •Making the most of your sacred time and energy
 •Dance resources to continue your journey

Each and every page is displayed in full, vivid color to add further inspiration and motivation.  Your materials are delivered to you in pdf format, so that you can always generate new planner and log pages as you need them.  Here's a preview of what you get:

This is a small investment with a big payoff. Your dance is worth it. Ready to give it a try? Developing Your Dance can be purchased for only $8 using the Paypal link below. 

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Developing Your Dance: A Belly Dance Practice Planner and Log

Have big belly dance dreams? But not actually working on them? Tired of the same old practice rountine that leaves you feeling flat and uninspired? Or maybe you're just flat-out not practicing at all? 

If you answered yest to any or all of those, you aren't alone. At one point, I was answering yes to all those questions. I was practicing sporadically, without much clear direction on what it was I was trying to accomplish. I knew it had to change and I needed the right tool to get me there. Thus I created Developing Your Dance: A Belly Dance Practice Planner & Log. Originally I had intended it just for my own personal use. But seeing how much it had helped me, I decided to make it all sparkly and shiny and share it with you! 

Buy Your Copy For $8 Today!