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Happy & Healthy 2019

by Alessandra on 01/03/19

It's that time of year again. A time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Shiny resolutions and crisp, juicy goals, ripe for the picking. And oh man, am I on the band wagon. My 2018 was a rough one (which you can read about here if you like). Thus, I am more than ready to leave the old year behind and start anew. A clean slate, a fresh page, a new me.

As part of the new year, I always pick a word or theme for the year. This year I've chosen 2019 to be the year of "happy and healthy". Yeah, it's perhaps not as eloquent or clever as some of my previous themes, but it gets right to the point. Happy and healthy: that's exactly what I want for 2019. No more struggles, no more sadness. No more fears or resentments. Rather, feeling joyful, grateful, and excited for what's ahead. Waking up energized and looking forward to what the day will bring. That's what I want to embody in the year ahead.

Once I pick my theme for the year, I always pick what my goals are going to be that support that theme (as well as goals that align back to my overall core values, which remain consistent year to year). Thus for 2019, my main goals are:
  1. Participate in and complete the Love Sweat Fitness 5-Day Detox and 21-Day Challenge.
  2. Vacation with Ketanga Fitness for a fitness retreat in Barbados, followed by a week exploring the island of the Dominican Republic.
  3. Join Bozenka for her belly dance retreat on the island of Crete in September.
  4. Try out water-skiing for the first time
  5. Compete in the La Dance Orientale belly dance competition
  6. Try the Daily OM 21-Day Goddess Workout
  7. Take a tap dance class
  8. Join The Community run by Maxie McCoy
  9. Stay at the Orondo Earth House B&B
Overall, I want to focus on optimizing wellness, prioritizing self-care, exploring my passions, and just generally having fun.

2019, I'm ready, let's do this!

Photo by Eric Green

Good Riddance 2018

by Alessandra on 12/06/18

The last post of the year I always like to do a little year in review summary. And well, for this year, I think the title of this post says it all. This past year was an incredibly challenging and difficult year for me and I'm more than happy and ready to say good f*cking riddance to 2018.

To just jump right to it, 2018 saw the end of my marriage and 11-year relationship. Separating in this manner brought along with it a host of other problems; the loss of my beloved maltipoo, a highly stressful financial situation with trying to sell my house in a faltering Seattle housing market, a less than amicable divorce with my ex due to an inability to agree on division of assets, and of course just the general sadness and depression over losing a long-time partner, friend, and confidant.

Twenty-eighteen was also the year that the job I once found a considerable amount of joy in satisfaction in took a turn for being incredibly stressful and unfulfilling.

And even when it wasn't the big things, 2018 seemed to be the year where things just went wrong on all levels, whether it was getting a speeding ticket or locking myself out of the house to the tune of $300 to get back in.

You know when people say, wow, didn't this year just fly by? I know, there's been many years where I've said it myself. But not this year. I feel like I've been living in this year forever.

All the stress and sadness has definitely taken it's toll on my mental, physical, and emotional health. So I am more than ready to say goodbye to this year. I'm ready for a reset and a new start on so many levels. I'm ready for an energy shift and to start operating at a happier, more positive and higher vibrational level. I'm ready to bury this year and leave it behind me.

Twenty-nineteen, you can't be here soon enough. I'm ready, let's do this.

Performance Pics and Video From Snoqualmie Railroad Days

by Alessandra on 11/01/18

Last August, back when the sun was still shining and the weather was warm (ahh, fond memories...) I did my annual performance out at the Snoqualmie Railroad Days festival. It's one of my favorite events to return to again and again. Here are some pictoral and video highlights from that sunny afternoon.